A smarter way to accelerate capital.

What if venture-capital was fair-access and open to all?

Bast has been designed to be the first fully decentralized investment accelerator. Through bast, groups of small investors can leverage their market power by bundling their interest and capital. The DFO (decentralized-flexible-organisation) infrastructure allows investors to hold true and equal participation rights through programmable equity shares and allows for a completely trustless organisation. As a crypto-only investment accelerator, bast strives to acquire significant shareholder positions in utility-oriented crypto start-ups, to then onboard their services and benefit from synergistic partnerships.

Bast operates on the following core philosophies:


By pooling together capital and information, bast shareholders are able to gain access to options generally unavailable to small-scale investors. Depending on market conditions and investment strategy, subgroups of investors can then access OTC deals, seed investment rounds or SAFT’s, which are otherwise mostly restricted to institutional investors.

Value Creation

Ultimately, bast is designed to create value through utility. While asset appreciation is driven by exogenous factors, which cannot be controlled, utility improvement can be considered mostly endogenous to the organisation itself and thus creates a more sustainable investment environment.


Since each bast token represents an equity share of the bast organization, each member holds voting power equal to his relative share of the company, similar to common stock. The absence of a majority shareholder means that each change in the organisational structure or governance system requires majority approval. Contrary to the general DAO structure, such changes are voted on through on-chain proposals, that directly implement the suggested changes in case of an approval, eliminating the necessity of a trusted intermediary.

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