BastTank is a community-driven and democratically elected think-tank that serves as a platform for such decisions that need to be flexible yet require a moderate level of voting security. Such DFO functions that do not need on-chain approval have been outsourced to xbast DAO to ensure dynamic decision-making processes supported by BastTank.

BastTank further strives to increase democratic participation by giving shareholders a platform to share their thoughts, concerns, or suggestions. Any community member can contact a democratically elected community representative, to have his thoughts shared during the weekly community meeting, which is currently hosted in @basttank, a permanently read-only telegram channel. Only elected community representatives are able to comment in @basttank, which reduces noise and increases each contributions visibility.

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Latest Meeting Notes

October 1, 2020

The first BastTank meeting focused around implementing a governance system, creating a bounty for the website, agreeing on a logo-design, and implementing Aragon's voting mechanism.

  • Discussion on implementation strategy for Bast treasury layer
  • Leveraging Aragon for 2nd-layer voting mechanism
  • Community vote 5c: decision to increase representatives by 5 people (29% vote)
  • Multi-sig wallet strategy for holding Bast funds
  • Website and logo-design bounty announced

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