A fully decentralized
investment accelerator

Bast has been designed as the first fully decentralized investment accelerator DFO. Non-deflationary, no synthetic elasticity, with a total supply of 10,000.

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Aragon Contract Deployed

Voting Capabilities Active

As our decentralized communtiy wants to moves quickly and swiftly. We've deployed a DAO on top of Aragon. Bast holders are provisioned secondary token called xBast to vote on proposals and gauge community sentiment off-chain.

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Disrupting the elitism in Venture.

Venture Capital as an equity financing scheme for start-ups with high growth potential has been around for decades, but most of these funds are restricted to the everyday person. Bast strives to change this obsolete elitism by creating an open investment platform for everyone to use equally.

  • A global investment think-tank

    Our decentralized community contains some of the brightest minds in Defi and crypto. By properly aligning incentives, we've created an incredible, tight-knit community.

  • Accessible to everyone

    No man (or woman) left behind. Anyone is able to participate in the bast accelerator, with no walled-gardens to prevent access.

Our operational advantage.

Bast strives to achieve a competitive edge through social cohesion and collective efficacy. We believe that a network of competent individuals can achieve higher investment performance while maintaining a lower portfolio risk.

  • No 20% carry

    All profit from any kind of investment activity is shared equally between all community members, and contrary to a mutual funds there are no managing or exit fees.

Engaging in Bast

Engage with the community, share your thoughts, and connect to other likeminded individuals. As a fully decentralized community initiative bast has no leader, a very flat hierarchical structure, and a welcoming community.

  • Topic-focused groups

    Join a workgroup and research exciting investment opportunities or take part in the latest branding discussions. Wherever your interests lie, become a part of bast and help steer the organizational development towards your personal goal!


Proudly built by an anonymous community.